Sound Investment Strategies that

Support Your Values

You want to feel good about your investments,

In addition to having a sound financial plan, you want your investments to provide competitive financial returns while supporting your social and environmental values. 


We understand. 

Like you, we are concerned about issues like climate change, sweatshops, weapons, discrimination, and the environment.  We are committed to working with you to help you meet your personal financial goals, while empowering you to use investment strategies that address the social and environmental issues you care about.


We will:

Take time to understand your financial goals

Are you saving for retirement?  Your child's college education?  A new house?  Planning for a new car purchase or traveling?  Do you want to leave a nest-egg for your heirs?  We will discuss your goals and dreams to gain an understanding of your investment objectives.

Are you part of a business or non-profit with an endowment under your care?    Do you have a 401(k) and want to provide socially responaible options for your employees?
 We can help make your endowment more consistent with your mission.  We can provide 401(k) options so employees can choose investments that match their values.


Bring integrity to your investments by incorporating your social &
environmental concerns

We will incorporate your personal philosophy of social & environmental responsibility into the investment decision-making process.


Balance concerns for risk with a need for growth by providing diversification in your portfolio

We seek investments that balance the need for growth with your concerns regarding risk.  We will address these concerns by utilizing a variety of investment strategies that take your risk tolerance into account.


 Personalize a financial plan unique to your situation

We will design a comprehensive, personalized financial plan for you or your company/organization, taking into account your current financial situation, goals, risk tolerance, and social/environmental issues that are important to you.  Our services can include monitoring of your investments on an ongoing basis and meeting with you to assess how your financial goals are progressing.

Need help with day-to-day personal financial management?  We can help you develop a realistic spending plan to help you stay on target with your financial goals.


Welcome to the Power of Socially Responsible Investing