Certified Green Business



Illinois Green Business Association Certified Green Business

Russ Rybicki, AIF®, CRC®, CSRICTM, SharePower Responsible Investing, is proud to be an Illinois Green Business Association Certified Green Business. 

Our goal as a Certified Green Business is to be as environmentally sound and energy efficient as possible.  One key way we are accomplishing this is by working from our home office.  Using Stanford University's Commute Cost & Carbon Emissions Calculator (https://transportation-forms.stanford.edu/cost/), it is estimated that we are preventing 660 lbs. of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each year by having a home office vs. driving to a stand-alone office each day (based on a 6 mile round-trip commute 5 days a week).  We are also reducing our carbon emissions by driving a Prius hybrid vehicle when we meet in clients' homes, attend conferences and expos, and other business activities requiring transportation.  We enjoy living and working in a friendly neighborhood with amenities within a walkable distance and access to public transportation.

In addition, we use 100% recycled office paper, and we recycle our printer/toner cartridges, batteries, paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic materials that are numbered as recyclable.  We are fortunate that the city we live in, Urbana, Illinois, has an excellent recycling program that takes many materials.  We also compost our food scraps and use environmentally friendly soap and cleaning products.  We are proud to have a pesticide-free lawn, and utilize rain water collection to water our outside & inside plants as needed.  If you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at our home office, you can rest assured knowing you are enjoying a fair-trade, organic product. 

In all of these ways, we are doing what we can to reduce our footprint on the planet, and are continually striving to be as environmentally sound and energy efficient as possible.